Cancer Self-Evaluation Models

These models are ideal for an oncology practice and for breast screening clinics.

Teaching Breast Self Examination (BSE) skills can be much more effective when using a high-quality silicone-rubber breast model with realistic deep tumors.  It will give your patient or student a better understanding of how to find and palpate different tumour sizes. 

For patient education, she will need to use proper circular techniques to reliability identify the location of the tumours in the model.  With higher competence, the patient will be more confidence, and will be more likely to detect any small tumours at an early stage and to differentiate these from normal breast lumps and to help eliminate false positives. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Model

Breast Awareness Model 

ZKL-100-B - $395.00

A lifelike representation of the breast, very realistic, for use when teaching self examination and breast awareness.  Made from a soft silicone-rubber material, the breast has three malignant tumors that can be detected by careful palpation. 

Supplied in a hard side carrying case (28 x 22 x 9 cm, weight1 kg), with talc, laminated key card and an informative booklet.

Size 15 x 10 x 5 cm.  Made in England.

Image Cancer Self Evaluation Model Brochure (pdf)

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