In treating urinary incontinence and related bladder control conditions, Multiple Behavioral Therapy (BT) using the physiotherapy approach is recognized as the treatment of choice.  Patient motivation and active participation is critical, of course, for achieving a successful outcome.

Even though BT is far superior to other options — such as unaided teaching, surgery or doing nothing and ignoring the problem — patients, physicians and therapists want to know how can we progress even faster and achieve an even more lasting result.

The answer is FemiScan. FemiScan has important features that you will need to make the best progress with your patients.  Why use less-capable equipment when you can use FemiScan?  It  takes less time  to set up, is easier to use and gives better responses to the patient.

It is easy to upgrade to a FemiScan system.  You can start with the same methods that you already find to be effective, and then progress to more advanced techniques.  Even the voice prompts alone are reason enough to upgrade.  They are real time savers; you can direct your full attention to the patient instead of needing to give continuing prompts.

Your patients can most likely continue to use the same sensor with FemiScan.  Only if you want to check for bilateral differences or use the Home Trainer, will the patient need her own FemiScan sensor. With new patients, you will want to use the FemiScan sensor because of its superior performance, convenient use and low cost.

Because of its features which make FemiScan more effective than other equipment, we are confident that, if used with other complimentary techniques such as behavioral methods, E-Stim and Aquaflex weighted cones, you should see a definite increase in effectiveness.  We will guarantee an efficacy rate of 85% or better.

Financing is easy and flexible with inexpensive leasing and rent-to-own options available.  We can tailor a system to your requirements.

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