Clinical Trials: Weighted Vaginal Cones

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In the clinical trials, what do the researchers say about vaginal cones?

“Training with vaginal cones provided significantly better pelvic floor muscle strength than did exercise without cones .” (1)

“The tendency of a vaginal cone to slip out again when inserted, giving the patient a feeling of ‘losing the cone’, produces a powerful sensory feedback, triggering pelvic contraction around the cone to prevent its dropping out.” (1)

The study found compliance to be higher [with cones] as compared to pelvic floor exercise alone. (1)

“Vaginal cones would seem to be a simple and practical means of identifying and strengthening pelvic floor contractibility and hence improving genuine stress incontinence.”  (5)

“Cone therapy is less invasive than surgery, can be performed by the patient at home without disrupting home life, is considerably less expensive and may be as effective as surgical correction.”  (3)

“The patients who benefit the most from this therapy are those with stress urinary incontinence of less than two years duration.”  (8)

“Because they require less medical or nursing time to teach, vaginal cones are a very cost effective option for the conservative management of genuine stress incontinence.” (7)

“After training, the capability of voluntary and reflex contraction of pelvic floor muscles was restored in all women [in the study].”  (6)

"The use of vaginal cones has been found to be effective and a preferable treatment method." (9)

"The patient needs commitment to use the cones effectively, and this is easier to achieve if there is an input from health professionals." (12)

"The therapy has no side effects and only require that the patient is motivated enough to put the cone in the vagina and take it out after the prescribed time period. Everything else is automatic." (37)

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