Urinary Incontinence

The Physiotherapy Approach

Biofeedback assisted muscle re-education has consistently been shown to be a highly effective method in treating many types of incontinence. Whether your needs are for a dedicated unit for incontinence or for a general use system, manual or computerized, a first system or an upgrade, we have a system that is right for you.

We have several powerful computerized EMG biofeedback systems available which can ensure that your assessment and therapy program is fast and effective. The FemiScan and evadri systems are full-featured and highly effective in producing the best results. Therapy effectiveness can be further enhanced with E-Stim, weights, a pelvic model and a workbook. We can match a system to your treatment style using the modalities that you like to use. Your patients will appreciate the quality service.

High quality clinical equipment is very important in winning referrals. These systems are outlined in the Product Summary. Call if you would like information about any of these biofeedback systems, E-Stim units, weights and probes. We have a toll-free customer service number 1-888-667-2324 for your convenience.

A price list and patient information sheet for our home trainers are available. If you think that your patients can benefit from the use of a home trainer we would be happy to fill a request according to your recommendation. To facilitate communication with the patient and payment where a 3rd party payer is involved, and equipment recommendation form is also available.

Please contact us if you would like an updated set of data sheets on our product line or to discuss a system for your needs.

BIOMATION - Customer Service Toll Free 1-888-667-2324